Art Exhibit

We are excited to showcase several local artists whose crane and Wisconsin landscape artwork will be displayed and available for purchase at the International Crane Foundation’s George Archibald Welcome Center and Aldo Leopold Foundation’s Legacy Center.

Above, detail of Fairfield Marsh by Anne Horjus.

Janet Flynn

Painting allows me to express visually what my world means to me. The complexity of nature and constantly striving to understand how it all works together inspires my art. Living along the Baraboo River in Sauk County, Wisconsin, and applying land ethic principles to the land brings together harmony with and hands-on appreciation for the wild. I work both plein air and in the studio and endeavor to capture life around me; the plants, animals, light, skies, changing of seasons, and the wonder and beauty of it all.

Charlotte Fung Miller

Charlotte studied nine years of formal Chinese calligraphy and seven years of Chinese brush painting under Master Lui-Sang Wong of San Francisco. With an M.S. degree in nutritional science and a B.A. in bacteriology at the University of California at Berkeley, Charlotte has chosen her true calling. 

Kim Russell

I choose to depict birds because they are one form of wildlife that virtually everyone can experience. Even though my drawings are stylized, my goal is to capture the essence of each bird. Before I put pen to paper, my subjects are thoroughly researched until I know them like a familiar friend.

Kim Russell artwork

Vicky Lilla

While living in southwest Wisconsin, Vicky became fascinated with the local landscape, rural buildings and regional wildlife, especially the native Sandhill Cranes and the Endangered Whooping Cranes. Her work is included in private and corporate collections throughout the United States.

Patrick Shea

My love of drawing and painting stems from my deep appreciation of nature. As a wildlife artist, it is important never to depict more than I see and never to embellish the essence of a creature. With their grace and beauty, cranes will always continue to inspire me.

Diane Splinter

My work is a reminder that we are part of nature and the collective whole. By weaving intention, emotion, and sometimes calligraphy in artful imagery of nature, my work is a reminder that we are all interconnected in the vast web of life. We cannot value and save what we do not have an emotional, heartfelt connection to. My mission is to have my art be a visual reminder of our connections to the natural world and the collective whole.

In addition, featured on the gallery wall of the International Crane Foundation’s Gift Shop is artwork by:

Anne Horjus

Sauk County, Wisconsin, one of the most scenic counties in the state, is the inspiration for most of Anne Horjus’ landscape paintings. Anne grew up in the Netherlands, where the landscape is flat and dominated by the sky and constantly changing cloud formations that roll in from the sea. Every day he traveled through farm fields and other tiny villages, passing many Friesian farms and countless migrating birds using the coastline as their migration route. He discovered that expressing the balance of beauty and the constant dramatic play between the sky and the landscape is what he enjoys most. For more information on Anne and his work, visit